The conflicts

We need not ignite this spark of a conflict because it is like Sodium, as soon as it is taken out of the silence of the kerosene, it burns with a blast turning each strand of your relations to ashes. This is the result of the eruption of a long buried magma of hatred and anger, at times of disappointment and break of trust, which finds its ways as that lava which once splashed out is corrosive enough like an acid, But this hits even hardest when you have already tried doing everything to make it better, still it goes out of your hand like passing sand, It is too annoying to not be able to fix anything. Everyday trying to find new ways and paths that lead to the forest of wisdom and sincerity but your stars are weak enough to make you land into a deserted highway which leads to nowhere.

So finally I give up because the things that are not static but still held of force are more painful than letting them slide away like one of your favourite toys you wished to have when you were a child.

The Beginning…

The day starts with a cup of coffee for some, with a lazy stretch for some. Its always amazing to keep in handy your bag of acceptance with the pockets demarcated with the MEMORABLES and WORKABLES. Because its never anything other than these. Its always better to try to fill up the MEMORABLES ones with a more big enthusiam and excitement. Because one it has to get better. And the definition of better lies in your hands.

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